Storm Damage

We know that roof damage can be hard to spot. Whether it’s tree damage or strong winds, small amounts of damage can often turn into something worse if left unresolved. At Arnold’s Roofing, we’ve been locating and repairing storm damage in Tallahassee for years.
If you suspect a recent storm may have caused damage you owe it to yourself, and your roof, to give us a call today. We never charge for our free evaluations and are always upfront with our clients. If we find damage, we’ll be sure to provide you with a thorough evaluation. You can always be assured that our evaluations are honest and straightforward, it’s just how we do business.

One question we get a lot is “Will our home insurance provider cover storm damage?”. Often, the answer is yes but it’s always important to check with your individual insurance company beforehand. Often, an appraiser will come to your home to assess the damage. Arnold’s Roofing always advises that your roofer of choice meets the appraiser to help assess the damage. While your insurance appraiser may have experience in assessing roof damage, a quality roofer will ensure that nothing gets missed.