Roof Replacement? Signs it’s time

Roof Replacement? Signs it’s time.

Considering a roof replacement? Not sure if it is time or warning signs to look for?

The experts at Arnold’s Roofing are your local Tallahassee roofing contractors and can make an appointment fitting your schedule to inspect your roof and make recommendations for roof repair or replacement.

Arnold’s Roofing are skilled at residential roofing repair and replacement as well as commercial roofing repair and replacement.

Signs you need a Roof Replacement

Our team of roofing contractors have put together a list of 5 signs a homeowner should look for when evaluating their roof for replacement.

Depending on the state of your roof you may identify all of the below signs indicating the need for a roof replacement. However many times only one or more of the signs will be present.

Roof Age

A quality roof should last between 20-25 years. If your roof is approaching this age you should consider having it expected yearly to make timely repairs and ensure you replace it when appropriate.

Unfortunately not all roofs will sustain the maximum lifetime of 25 years, do don’t depend on the age of your roof to know when to replace it.

Shingles Buckling or Missing

Roof shingles can be made out of wood, slate, fibre cement, metal, plastic, flagstone or a composite material such as asphalt. During inspection if you notice roof shingles buckling or not laying flat on the roof you should call a roofing contractor.

Shingles buckle as a result of many factors, including the humidity experienced here in North Florida during the warm summer months. This humidity seeps in below the shingles and can be absorbed by the wood decking used to construct the roof.

Missing shingles are also a warning sign you may need a roof replacement or repair.

Chimney Flashing

Although chimneys are not as prominent in our area as our northern neighbors, chimneys and the flashing used to seal the roof and chimney together can be a big source of leaks and roof issues.

If you notice moisture in your attic around the chimney or rusting spots on the chimney flashing these may be signs that moisture has damaged your roof or chimney flashing and you are in need of repair or replacement.

Shingle Granules

The debris in your gutters or rainwater runoff locations can be a good indicator of whether your roof is healthy or in need of repair. If you notice speckling or granules of your shingles running off with the rainwater, your shingles and roof may need to be replaced.

These granules are one important sign of the need for roof replacement or repair.

Structural Deficiencies

Your roof should be stable and firm while being walked on, if you notice a specific location or the roof in general sagging or a soggy feeling while doing your inspection it could be a result of roof damage. If the roof structure including the wood decking and trusses are damaged due to water or mold you may be in need of a roof replacement.

Another common warning sign of roof damage is seeing daylight through our attic. The expert’s at Arnold’s Roofing are experienced with all types of attic spaces and can inspect yours while assessing any damage to your roof externally.

Cost of Roof Replacement

If you’re a Tallahassee Utilities customer, you can qualify for special financing through City of Tallahassee including $20,000 for a new roof at only 5% interest for five years. The team at Arnold’s Roofing will help walk you through the financing process and teach you about the energy efficient products and criteria needed for this rebate.

Not only will you walk away with a safe and reliable roof but an energy efficiency that will help lower your heating and cooling costs.

What to do

If you identify signs of roof damage or think it may be time for a new roof, call a Tallahassee roofing contractor like the experts at Arnold’s Roofing as soon as possible. You do not want to wait until further damage or harm is experienced by your family or building occupants.

Whether you are in need of residential roofing repair or commercial roofing repair or replacement call Arnold’s Roofing.