What Makes Shingles So Great?

Have you ever wondered why most roofs are made of shingles? While other roofing options exist such as tile and metal, shingles are the standard in most places. You may be surprised to hear that eighty percent of roofs in America are made from the material. Here are a few reasons why most people choose shingles for their new roof.

Sturdy and Long-Lasting

Shingles that are skillfully installed by Arnold’s will last you a long time, sometimes more than two decades! Done right, these sturdy slabs will protect your home without the need for a replacement for potentially the entire time you live in your house. You can also choose the grade of quality, and opting for higher-end shingles provide resistance to high-speed winds and other environmental dangers.

Good Looking

While other roofing materials may make your home stand out, shingles give it that classic look. That’s not to say you don’t have options though! If you want a different color than the standard black, or a different texture to give it that extra pop, shingles have options. But if you don’t want to get too crazy with your roof, shingles are the way to go.


You may also be surprised to know that shingles are fully recyclable! You don’t have to reroof your entire house with solar panels to stay eco-friendly. It’s just another factor to think about when so much waste is created, thrown into landfills. Because shingles are made from asphalt, they are recycled for use in paving new roads and repairing old ones!


Shingles are by far the most cost-effective roofing option. While slate or wood shakes may catch your eye, budget is very important. If you’re not picky and just need a sturdy new roof above your head, the cost of shingles could be the biggest factor in why you choose them.