Why Fall is a Great Time for Roof Replacements


It’s finally fall in Tallahassee, which also happens to be a perfect time to replace your roof! Summer showers complicate the roofing process, so the mild fall we enjoy makes things easier. Arnold’s loves this time of year!


Save on Heating and Air

Roofs don’t provide insignificant insulation. Along with the cool weather reducing your AC bill, the reroofing process won’t require you to spend more on AC like it might in the summer. You’re also improving your insulation for the cold winter months to come. Because heat rises, a solid roof can help a lot in keeping heat from leaving your home. Open your windows and let the cool breeze blow through as your new roof is installed, without worrying about the weather.


Faster and Happier Workers

We’d be lying if we said the summer heat didn’t affect our morale on the roof! The crisp air prevents workers from suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration. Generally the warmer months prove to be more taxing than the mild fall ones, so things tend to go smoother in 70 degree November as opposed to 95 degree July.


Moisture Complicates Things

It can be very difficult to work when it’s raining every day. While it isn’t impossible to replace a roof in the summer, the lack of daily showers makes things much easier and streamlined. Moisture must be avoided to keep your roof intact! To avoid problems things take a little longer during the summer.


Call Arnold’s Roofing today to start the reroofing process during one of the best times of the year to do so!